terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

What Kind of Happy Are You?

You Are Affectionate

Your life is full of love and friendship - and you always have more to give.
You have an open heart. You are willing to take that leap and put your faith in people.
You see the good in everyone and everything. You are a very sympathetic person.
The people you love make you very happy. You feel warmly toward those around you.

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Karochinha disse...

O teu é mesmo aquilo que pensei de ti, a primeira impressão que tive de quando te "conheci"...:)

O meu deu isto (eh eh):
You Are Engaged
You feel completely absorbed and intrigued right now. You're cheerfully busy.
You're alert and completely involved with everything you do. You don't walk through life half-asleep.

If you're interested and engrossed, then you feel incredibly happy.
You are constantly curious and never bored. There's too much to be fascinated with!

Beijocas felizes

betinha disse...

Tive o mesmo resultado que tu!

BalDocas disse...

You Are Blissful

You are passionate about life and thrilled with the world.
You aren't just feeling good... you're feeling great. Happiness comes easily to you.

You are a truly radiant person. People feel your warm, jubilant vibes.
You truly make the world a happier place. And a better place too.


Kris disse...

Tive o mesmo resultado que tu....